American Supercars face many hurdles when appealing to a European audience. Top Gear has been notorious for demeaning our products as savage and unrefined. But the new Ford GT was built to dominate every track in the world, so what does Chris Harris think of it? In a YouTube video uploaded over the weekend, he pushes the car to its limits on a wet track, so you might be surprised at his conclusions.

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We've touched on the car's finer points before, so it's nice to hear them explained in action. Multimatic is a Canadian engineering firm responsible for turning the design into reality. Their most prolific achievement in recent years has been the DSSV, or Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve. This fancy shock absorber has several rates for compression and rebound, which makes for a comfortable street car. But in race mode, the Ford GT switches over to a torsion bar at each corner. Having two separate suspension systems on each corner is just one of the ways this car was able to win LeMans. Tell us what you think of it in the comments below and stay with us for all of your Ford GT updates.

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