Today is Friday the 13th, so we have a scary video for your entertainment. Our friends at AutoTopNL celebrate the end of the week by leaving work in the world's fastest cars. Their goal is to film them in action on the world's fastest highway. Since everyone is starting to figure out McLaren has been sandbagging the entire world, it is nice to see their entry-level car in action.

McLaren Special Operations Unveils Two Unique Builds

What we mean by that, is that McLaren's cars are so capable and so powerful that its hard to compare them to anything else. The 570GT is a member of the Sports Series, McLaren's division aimed at offering a comfortable daily driver. It is their only hatchback, with a leather-lined package tray behind the seats. In addition to the front compartment, it has ample space for long trips. It is one of their most affordable offerings, and it isn't supposed to be a speed demon. But McLaren doesn't know how to build slow cars....Our dealers have great offers on the 2017 models, so click on the link below to find one for yourself. Have a great weekend!

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