If you want to know how Crockett and Tubbs always seemed to catch the smugglers, it was because they had a fast car. Miami Vice put the Ferrari Testarossa front and center, and it was the iconic poster car on boys' bedroom walls. As the successor to the 512 Berlinetta Boxer, Enzo wanted a more user-friendly supercar. Powered by a 4.9 liter flat-12, it used twin fuel injection systems and distributors. Essentially being two inline six engines separated by 180 degrees, it made for 390 horsepower and 361 lb-ft of torque.

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The iconic styling still looks like it's from the future. Slats on the door feed air into twin radiators in the quarter panels. It has decent storage under the front-opening hood, and visibility was better than most cars of the 80's. Mr. Ferrari was never shy about naming his creations, and Testarossa literally translates to "Red Head". Perhaps as an homage to a past relationship, everyone knows that red hair makes the world go round. The original model was produced from 1984 to 1991 when it was replaced by the 512 TR. You will be hard pressed to spot the external differences, as they are cosmetic in nature. The frame, suspension, steering, and cooling were all improved, which made it an easier daily driver.

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To make it appealing to a wider audience, the clutch and shift linkage were revised for smoothness, and bigger brakes were fitted up front. Mechanical injection was replaced by Bosch electronics to make 428 hp and 362 lb-ft. It was replaced by the F512 M in 1994. As the final evolution of the design, the pop up headlights were swapped for sealed enclosures, the hood received two cooling ducts, and the tail lights were rounded. Production lasted until the end of 1996 with 501 cars produced. A dozen years is a long body style, ironically matched perfectly with the C4 generation of Corvette. The longevity are a testament to popularity, as they built almost 10,000 cars for sale. Being so popular, the aftermarket offers a healthy assortment of parts so you can make it your own. Marshall Goldman found this 1991 time capsule with only 8.457 miles. It has been stored inside and all services were done in July of 2015. This car needs to be driven, not hidden away. Give Mr. Goldman a call and stay with us for all your favorite Ferraris.

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