Most manufacturers love to cut costs by replacing emblems and trim pieces with vinyl or plastic. But Porsche still creates the most important pieces in traditional ways. We've shown you how the 911 Exclusive Series is assembled, and they do it the right way. No details are overlooked and the skilled workers are not racing the clock. In the latest video uploaded last night, we are taken behind the scenes at the Zuffenhausen assembly plant and into the new  Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. A new name for their in-house custom shop, it was formerly known as Porsche Exclusive. The first name of the department was The first name of the department was Porsche Sonderwunsch, which translates to "Special Wish". Their first major project was building a 1980 Turbo S to look like the 935 race car. The result was the legendary 930 Slant Nose, and the rest is history. If your week is not going according to plan, what you will see next might lift your spirits. Expensive CNC tools are often used to make intricate metal objects because they are cheaper for mass-produced items. Nothing can copy the skill of an artist, so Porsche chooses to keep the skilled trades alive for to build the Exclusive Series 911 Turbo S. Watch as Fraulein carefully turns gold blanks into badges with two strikes of the forge. Then they travel to a goldsmith who trims and polishes, and the final step will take your breath away. Quality over quantity is a trademark of all Porsches, which is why we could watch videos like this 24/7. If you want to view the car up close, Porsche has a webcam that you can control from a custom landing page. So take a look at the finer details and then call one of our dealers to get the ball rolling. Stay with us for all your Porsche updates.

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