Porsche has always listened to their most valuable customers. Their in-house customization program is known as Porsche Exclusive and it can make your dreams come true. It was originally known as Sonderwunsch, or “Special Wish”. One particular German businessman, Mr Gerhard Amann had a wish to own a unique Porsche 911, and his order was fulfilled in October of 1980 with the first 930 S Turbo. The Flachbau, or "Flat Nose" 911 was inspired by the LeMans-winning Porsche 935. The head of the program was Rolf Spregner, and he has testified to the authenticity in an included email. Since the new bodywork increased the car's downforce, new wheels and tires were needed. The car's history includes a special note on the V-rated rubber. Massive for the time, they measure 205/55/16 up front and 245/45/16 on the rear. The factory recommended pressure is 29 psi front and 44 on the rear for better track results. Changing a production car in Germany requires a forest of paperwork, and it details like these are included in English along with the originals.
As the prototype for the slant nose 930, it originally left the factory in silver metallic with four headlights in the front bumper. To keep it up to date, it went back to the Zuffenhausen factory in 1982 and 1985 for updated styling and an engine rebuild. It emerged with two round fog lights and 30 more horsepower, and the factory workers added a special touch in the glovebox. The original owner’s initials along with his favorite roulette numbers were etched in to thank him for being a loyal Porsche fan.
The car has been featured in numerous books and magazines, and it comes with a complete ownership history and continuous records since new. The last time it was sold publicly was the Blackhawk Collection at Pebble Beach in 2007. A decade later it is your turn to own Porsche 930 Slant Nose #1.

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