You can't deny the abilities of the Dodge SRT Hellcat. It makes 707 horsepower at the crank, and thanks to an efficient transmission it puts 664 horsepower to the ground. That was the baseline measurement from the DynoJet at Hennessey Performance. In order to see how potent their HPE1000 package is, John decided to show us a before and after comparison. To make more power from an already potent machine, the car demanded more fuel and air. The Hellcat has half-inch fuel lines from the factory, but they weren't enough. So everything from the pump to injectors was upgraded.

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And if you were wondering about the shiny object under the hood, the supercharger was also upgraded. The factory blower measures 2.38 liters, and it is a fine upgrade for any SRT V8. But if you need all the boost, the HPE1000 comes with a 4.5 liter supercharger. If your daily driver is under 4.5 liters in displacement, this car is probably not for you. It is the equivalent of force-feeding another V8 into the 6.2 liter Hemi. The results speak for themselves. At only 4,400 rpm the HPE1000 is making the same power as a stock Hellcat at its redline. You will have 863 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of torque at your disposal. Watch the Air/Fuel ratio display on the dash. We had no idea the car had this ability, and the team has it safely tuned around 10 to 11:1. The previous builds used a 4.0 liter supercharger because it was the largest available. It allowed the car to run reliable 9.90s at over 140 mph. Dodge is trying to discourage dealer markups on the new Demon, but its not working. So if you don't like paying the dealer a ton of extra cash, give Hennessey Performance a call. Find the perfect Dodge Hellcat for sale from our dealers, ship it to Texas, and you will have Demons begging you for mercy! Stay with us for all your Hennessey updates.