McLaren's return to production cars was based on their 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8. The compact and powerful engine can be found in everything from the 12C to the 675LT, and it was also the basis for the P1 hypercar. It is based on a Nissan VRH that was planned for the Indy Racing League. Tom Walkinshaw Racing transformed it from a race engine to a street configuration, just like they did in the legendary Jaguar XJ220. McLaren bought the rights from TWR and the rest is history.

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Something more was needed for the 2nd generation of McLaren's Super Series. Looking to extract every last horsepower, they forged a new crankshaft with more stroke. Keeping the bore at 93mm, the stroker crank increases displacement to 4.0 liters. The obvious advantage is more power, and it achieves this by allowing the pistons to spend more time in the combustion chamber. It allows for higher compression ratios, cleaner emissions, and higher exhaust speeds to spin the turbos. It all adds up to a much faster car, and the Autobahn is the best place to demonstrate it. Misha Charoudin was lucky enough to ride along in a 675LT who encountered a worthy opponent. The results speak for themselves, so if you are interested in a new McLaren 720S, our dealers are ready to help. Of course, we also have a slew of pre-owned McLarens for sale.

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