It is the fourth of October and snow is already falling out west. If you are waiting for fresh powder, Jaguar is ready to get you there. The XF Sportbrake was unveiled along with the 2018 lineup last week in Detroit. It was chosen to set a new speed record for towing a skier, with Guinness World Records on-hand to officiate the event.

Reviewed: 2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR Convertible

The XF S Sportbrake combines supercharged V6 power and AWD, along with room for your active lifestyle. Olympic Skier Graham Bell decided to hitch a ride, so the Sportbrake was equipped with a tow harness and GPS data logging. Holding on for dear life, Driver and Skier reached a new record speed of 117.4 miles per hour. Once Mr. Bell had thawed out, Guinness Officials presented the team with the award. This is just a small preview of the XF S Sportbrake's abilities, so stay with us for more updates on Jaguar's new models.