This particular 2005 Ford GTX1 is #24 built by Genaddi Design Group is in Excellent Condition. Painted in Black with Gold accents, it's a beautiful work of art. The owner of the vehicle has had it since new and opted for a slew of options for this American supercar. The Ford GTX1 is an ultra-rare sports car, even among the exotic car market that spans overseas.
04-06 Ford GT Horsepower, Prices & Specs
Ford, from 2005 to 2006, built an incredible performance vehicle known as the GT. Created to celebrate the company’s centennial, the purpose of the 200+ mph coupe was to demonstrate the Blue Oval’s engineering prowess.
This version of the Ford GT, dubbed the GTX1, was designed by Kip Ewing at Ford in an effort to extend production of the car. Ewing secured an agreement with Ford Motor Company to allow Genaddi Design Group to build a limited production of the GTX1. Owners were given the option to send their Ford GT to Genaddi Design Group’s facilities for conversion into a roadster. The plan was for 500 GTX1s to be built, but about only 100 were completed.
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