In Holland was one of the most wild-looking Lamborghini Centenarios that has rolled off of the production line in Sant'Agata. The entire car is covered in a unique black and yellow livery that seems almost outlandish when compared to the other examples that we've already seen. Supercarsfromeu captured the car at Supercars and Classics, and managed to record some little bits of fun: revs, start up and accelerating sounds. I will say that the one rev that pops off around 0:50 in is unlike any other rev you'll find. The ferociousness and raw power that sits behind the rev is both ear-shattering and glorious at the same time. What you're really hearing the video is Lamborghini's most powerful engine, a 6.5-liter V12 capable of 770 horsepower. Click play below to hear the Centenario truly come to life.