The internet is filled with videos and a lot of them just so happen to star our favorite supercars. In today's version of "Supercar Videos of the Day," we have a selection of our favorite videos that you should check out. First up is a video from TheSmokingTire that stars the triple-turbocharged McLaren 12C from Hypercar Development. Yes, the front end may look like a 650S, but it's truly a 12C. Next up is an official video from Lamborghini. In it we see entrepreneur Kevin Hooks taking the Lamborghini Centenario out for a spin and explains why hard work is truly important. Then we have a video from our friend DragTimes. For this video, they take out a new McLaren 720S and pit it up against a brutal twin-turbo Ford GT Heffner GT1000.

Triple-Turbocharged McLaren 12C

Kevin Hooks Drives His Lamborghini Centenario

McLaren 720S vs Ford GT Twin Turbo Heffner GT1000