Last year at the Nashville Auto Show, our friends a Music City Motor Cars allowed me to put a few miles on the new Aston Martin DB11. It is a stunning departure from every Aston in recent history, and the change was long overdue. The turbos are perfectly sized to the big V12, and that allows for torque in any situation. My experience was a late night run from the convention center back to the dealership in Brentwood, and the car was flawless in traffic and on the interstate.

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For a proper British review, you need Chris Harris and torrential rain. Such was the case in the latest upload from Top Gear. No matter how objective the show may be, it's an English show featuring an Aston Martin, so take it with a grain of salt. Adaptive suspension has three modes for comfort and performance, and they are controlled by a thumb button on the steering wheel. Powertrain response also offers three levels, also within easy reach. The interior is a clean-sheet design, borrowing Mercedes infotainment systems for a logical layout of controls. The chassis that supports it all is also all-new, doing away with the ancient VH architecture that was introduced on the first Vanquish in 2001. Chris mentions the size and width are larger than proper sports cars, making it a grand tourer. You might not believe it, but the DB11 is actually 10 inches longer and wider than a Corvette Z06. Rain soaked roads are boring if you have 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, so click here to find an Aston Martin DB11 for sale near you and experience it for yourself.