There's nothing worse that going about your business, driving a route you take every day and mindlessly scratching your car. This is precisely what happened to The Leviathan and his McLaren 650S Spider. As he was pulling out of his parking garage, his supercar lightly tapped a wall, but it was enough to do some damage to his pride and joy. After inspecting the auto repair damage, he called up McLaren Automotive who came out and picked up the car the next day. The light tap was enough to call for a new tie rod, tires and a rim. Total cost for those? $5,000. That may not sound like a bad break, it's the paint that really brought up the repair bill.

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With only a scratch on one quarter panel, the cost was going to be $15,000 in order to have a paintless dent repair professional complete the repair and paint it. In total, the light tap was going to cost him a total of $20,000. So, next time you have to get car repair services, just be thankful you're not getting a bill for $20,000! See the entire story by clicking play below.