Today is Prime Day for fans of Amazon, and it will probably be another nail in the coffin for brick & mortar shopping. Prime video is changing the way we watch TV, and its most popular series has been the first season of The Grand Tour. Presented by the same trio that were once employees by the BBC, their chemistry is enhanced by the ever-changing venues along with production that aims at a global audience. The series features all things automotive, from exotic cars to rust buckets. The only real knowledge we have of the second season comes from Richard Hammond's crash in the Rimac Concept One. As if the series needed more exposure, Hammond's recovery has been closely followed by fans on social media. The second near-fatal accident in his automotive career, the first was in a jet-powered dragster back in 2006. From what we can tell on the new teaser, season two will have tanks, aircraft, old Jaguars on snow. Swamp action, desert action, and something going wild in a shopping mall. Honestly, there is no way to predict the outrageous situations they seem to find themselves in, which is why it is more entertaining than anything on air or cable. Stay with us for updates on the Grand Tour and highlights of the action.

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