AMG started as an aftermarket shop that offered performance upgrades for Mercedes-Benz cars. Their performance was so incredible that Mercedes purchased the company in order to build them in-house. When AMG was given a blank check to build their own supercar, they produced a new version of the iconic SL Gullwing. The Mercedes SLS AMG for sale  arrived in 2010 with an aluminum chassis and body. Under the hood is probably the last version of the 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8. The writing was on the wall, as engineers knew smaller turbocharged engines would soon be shared across the lineup. We had a stunning 2012 SLS Roadster in Alubeam Silver in our collection for two years. The power and sound of a high-compression V8 is unlike today's wheezy 4 liter examples. We took it to shows around the state, and it was a blast to drive.
The coupe version is no less impressive, and it takes inspiration from the timeless 300SL. John Cena decided to show us the finer details of the SLS. Don't try to compare it to the new AMG GT, they are not in the same ballpark. The SLS Gullwing and Roadster are lighter than the Mercedes-McLaren SLR series, and they have perfect weight distribution thanks to the front/mid-mounted V8. They are an example of full size GT cars that won't be replicated anytime soon. Take a look at our inventory in the link below and stay with us for more of Mr. Cena's automotive commentary.

Mercedes SLS AMG For Sale