From a unique ordering process to the delivery, the new Ford GT is unlike any other supercar. We have followed along with our dealers and clients who were accepted, and we applaud Ford Motor Company for their dedication to their customers. In order to show the world what the car is capable of, Jay Leno's Ford GT was among the early builds. In a YouTube upload early this morning, he shows the configurator, and it's not a web page. Ford sends a unique box to the owner, and inside are paint, wheel, and interior samples to choose from. Once the options are confirmed, a series of production photos show the progress of the build.

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After 1,000 trouble-free miles, Jay touches on the finer points of the car. All vital controls except the shifter are on the steering wheel. It keeps your hands and eyes on the road ahead, but it looks straight out of a simulator. The hydraulic suspension has the ability to raise the nose 2" at an instant, while most other cars have slow working air assist. To lock the car, a hidden touchpad on the quarter glass will set the alarm. The new Ford GT is a race car for the street, and a quick spin around Burbank shows off its abilities. It is very difficult to make a V6 sound appealing, but the GT is a symphony. My acceptance letter must have been lost in the mail, so turn up your audio and take a ride with Jay. If you have been looking for a Ford GT for sale, check out the listings our dealers and stay with us for all your updates from Jay Leno's Garage.

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