We have sold our fair share of armored cars since we were founded back in 1985. In most cases, the vehicle is built to withstand attacks from a pistol or small arms fire. These are fine for rough neighborhoods. If you plan on driving through a war zone, something more is needed. To have an armor rating of B6, this 2009 Hummer H2 was stripped to the chassis and reinforced with ballistic plate steel.
The conversion was done when new, for a private security firm in Panama City, Florida. You will be hard-pressed to spot any differences on the outside, and all four windows are fully functional. Open a door and you will be amazed. Every opening from the hood to the tailgate is reinforced with overlapping seams. Professional bad guys have made headlines by exploiting door jambs for weakness, but this one is ready for a fight. All of the new steel is 1/4" at the minimum. It reinforces all of the pillars, posts, and door hinges to stop almost every projectile. The conversion was a 10-week build, and photos of the process are included.
This unassuming Hummer is a fortress capable of stopping direct hits from 30 caliber assault rifles. Tested against an AK-47, it easily handles the 7.62mm round of 123 grains. It will also deflect soft core rounds from .308 Winchester and 30-06 rifles. The battery box, gas tank, and radiator are also fully protected to keep the Vortec V8 in action. Three gunports are hidden behind the glass to allow you to fight back. No luxuries were lost in the conversion. Driver and passengers have Bose surround sound with satellite radio, along with a PA/Siren system for external communications.
First and second-row seating is composed of four captain's chairs. The rear has two facing jump seats for four agents. Between them is a folding logistics table which is perfect for quick reloads. Go anywhere you want on wheels that look original. They are made to resemble the stock wheels, but they are rated to handle the increased weight and loads. Run-flat tires will keep you rolling and get you to safety. This Hummer has only been used a few times since new, and it has less than 4,000 miles. It is being sold by a combat veteran who is looking to retire and downsize his security agency. It would cost a small fortune to replicate a build just like this, so this may be your best shot to get one at a great price. If you need the ultimate in mobile protection, click on the link below for all the details.

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