If the cost of maintenance is a concern for your purchase, Ferrari and other exotic brands are including regular service along with your purchase. Oil changes are essential to keep your car from having a heart attack. Old motor oil leaves deposits in the small arteries, so don't let good oil go bad. If you aren't afraid to turn a wrench, you can save a few dollars by changing your Ferrari's oil in your garage.

Daniel Hurlbert: The F430- An Owner's Perspective

If you need an excuse to avoid housework, our contributor & friend Daniel Hurlbert filmed another great video to his YouTube page. The F430 has a 4.3 liter V8 and a single clutch automatic transmission. Aside from having two drain plugs on the oil pan, servicing the engine and transmission is downright simple. You will need 3 gallons of oil, 4 quarts of transmission fluid and a torque wrench. Don't attempt this without a helper, and don't blame us for spills on the garage floor. Get the satisfaction of doing it yourself and stay with us for all your Ferrari fun. &feature=youtu.be