Ultra Low Milage 1990 Ferrari F40 For Sale - Ferrari Beverly Hills

Looking for a collectible with the least mileage is a fool's errand. A smart purchase is a pristine car with a history of regular exercise. Ferrari Beverly Hills does their research when offering any classic for sale, to make sure the new owner will be happy with the purchase. That's why they have a practically new 1990 F40 in the showroom with only 3,129 miles. Three decades ago, cars were not fast. Computers were not powerful enough to design or control an automobile. It took extreme engineering and determination to bring cars out of the dark ages, and the F40 was a shining light that performance was not lost to the ages. [soliloquy id="118954"] Many consider the F40 to be the last true Ferrari supercar because it was not encumbered by intrusive safety systems. Essentially a race car for the street, many examples were lost to drivers who couldn't tame the brutal acceleration. That is why all surviving examples have appreciated in value. Many owners have chosen to hide them away from the world, so when the F40 is seen in public it causes an uproar. Gas Monkey Garage rebuilt a wreck with factory parts and sold it for a nice profit. Ferrari cares about their creations, so F40 repair and service items are still available from the factory. Chassis #86992 has been kept in showroom condition because a Ferrari F40 for sale represents all the advances that have made modern supercars possible. If you are considering an investment-grade Ferrari in Beverley Hills, we are proud to show you the only logical choice. Click on the link below and see why it's worthy of the duPont REGISTRY.

1990 Ferrari F40 Price & Listing

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