Wasting time is something Aston-Martin never does. That's why the press release for the new Vulcan AMR Pro was only hours before it was revealed at Goodwood. We summarized the details in the revealing article, but nothing is better than a video. Thanks to TheTFJJ, we have a front-row seat to the action. One of the main contributors to Aston-Martin's LeMans victory was aerodynamic domination. When they realized the Vantage GTE car made 2,289 lbs of downforce, the victory was already won. Only 24 Vulcans were sold, but a test mule must have been kept to validate new advancements for the track. The result of countless hours of research and hot laps have resulted in the Vulcan AMR Pro. At speed, it has 2,950 lbs keeping it glued to the track. Essentially, it's an upgrade package for the existing cars because they don't have any plans to resume production. The notion of sending your centerpiece back to the factory could best be described as plastic surgery because the finished product far outshines the base model. We don't know how much the upgrades will cost, or how many owners have opted for it. Several Vulcans are currently in the workshops of Q by Aston-Martin, so stay with us as they emerge. We'll have more Goodwood coverage this weekend, so stay with us for all your Aston-Martin news.