For the man who lives by his own rules, chases his desires without relent, icons like the skull, leopard, and lion are universal symbols of fearless independence, ambition, speed and power. With tasteful use of exotic materials and quality craftmanship, Autobahnlife Jewelry prides itself on its show stopping designs that express unique individuality. Quality Materials Leathers are from hand selected crocodile and python skins– and have a highly distinguishable look, exuding class and elegance that simply can’t be imitated. Metals used, like white gold, rose gold, titanium, meteorite and 925 sterling silver; as well as the polished stones that play centerpiece in some of the most popular pieces, from emeralds, rubies, and diamonds, all promise to have you looking sharp. Paired with a fine watch or stacked on the wrist, Autobahnlife pieces command attention.
2.8 Carat Diamond Hamsa hand
Powerful Symbolism Legends say that he who wears the Hamsa Hand will be protected from the evil eye and receive lasting happiness. The Hamsa Pendant is a symbol for good luck and is known to bring its owner happiness, health and good fortune. The Hamsa Hand seen in Autobahnlife Jewelry is as an elegant expression of divine strength and immunity.
Lizard Skin Platinum Emerald Eyes Bracelet (limited Edition)
Precise Craftsmanship Autobahnlife pays extreme attention to detail, ensuring that every step of the manufacturing, assembly, and finishing of the jewelry is done with all of the precision necessary for exquisite craftsmanship. The result: cutting-edge, elegant, assertive hand-crafted jewelry collections that are befitting of your impeccable taste, and bold lifestyle.

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