When it comes to reviving and turning back the clock on paint, paint restoration(otherwise known as “paint correction”) is the key to returning original paint back to its former glory. I’d like to share the story of a sub 30k mile 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 that got treated to our paint restoration service. As the pictures show, she was in dire need of our attention and the payoff was on-point. This was a new acquisition for our client and his intent was to drive the car.  The most important thing was that the service, cost and results were commensurate with how he was going to live with the car and that's what we focused on. To minimize exposure, we transported the car from our client’s home to our facility via our custom enclosed hauler. We took our time with the restoration and then delivered the car to our client after showing the car at the Caffeine and Exotics car show in Atlanta(of which we are a sponsor). It is not uncommon for us to feature a client’s new car at the show in our spot, but more often than not we are showing a newer car getting paint protection film, Modesta coatings, etc., etc. Having a 1994 911 Turbo 3.6 964 that got received extensive paint restoration and no new car protection service was really great for us as paint restoration and restorative detailing was what I founded my business on 10 years ago. It was like stepping back in time... and getting to share it with others was a real treat for me. Here’s the story of us massaging her paint back to life! Enjoy!

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She’s loaded and ready to head back to our facility in Conyers, GA.
The car is mechanically sound. As a matter of fact, the owner just spent quite a sum of money to have Porsche North America make it mechanically 100%. Time to make her outside look as good as the inside worked.

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After washing and stripping old wax, sealant, glaze, polish residues, and oils, we could see the true condition of the paint. Here are some before and after shots of our work in progress.

Before & After

The emblems were removed to get 23 years of buildup off and paint properly restored.
When a car is exposed to decades of build up, sometimes it can etch the paint. This is not uncommon on classics. All hard plastic surfaces were restored to incredible condition. The paint was not the only surfaces to be restored. The rubber seals and trim were given the same care that the paint got. The devil's in the details. Learn how we did it here: When the dust settled, this widowmaker was gorgeous again. Easily one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Although it was not featured in this piece. The interior got many hours of attention to restore the look, feel and smell of the leather seats, the hard vinyl surfaces were stripped on years of oily products and conditioned and carpets were steam cleaned. The biggest difference in the interior was found in the leather seats. They once again looked, smelled and felt like leather is supposed to. In short, this old girl was made up for the ball.
Before loading it in our trailer we shot a bit of video showing off the attitude this car now had. After all this work was done, we featured the 1994 Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6 in our spot at the Caffeine and Exotics show. Clearly, driving this nearly perfect car was not an option. Back into the hauler she went!
Before the show opened up and she was surrounded by drooling car enthusiasts...
It was a fun project that my staff and I really found a lot of joy in working on. I hope that all of you enjoyed this brief write up. Be sure to follow us on social media for regular pictures and videos!