If your car taxes are based on engine size, what happens when you need more power? The Rolls-Royce V12 is force-fed by twin turbos. It makes enough power and torque you could ever need, but rebuild parts can get pricey. One Japanese owner decided to infuse their car with some home-grown power, and TheSpeedHunters encountered a unique Phantom. Under the hood lurks a 2JZ-GTE engine purported to make 900 horsepower. Inline-6 engines have been embraced by Japan's automotive industry from the beginning. The indestructible reputation of the FJ series was due in-part to the Chevrolet stovebolt 6 Toyota built under license.

Gordon Ramsay's LaFerrari

Countless Toyota sedans and performance cars used straight 6 power. From the Cressida, to Celicas and Supras, they are known for smooth running & low maintenance. The JZ series was made popular by the 4th generation Supra and several early Lexus models. Only the Supra offered them in forced induction, with two sequential ceramic turbos. To make monster power, the complex system is usually dumped in favor of a single larger turbo, and this Phantom has a compressor the size of a watermelon. Although the block is cast iron, a fully dressed engine is probably half the weight of a V12. Thankfully the Phantom rides on air suspension that can adapt to keep it level. The idea of losing weight and gaining power should appeal to everyone, so click below to find a good starting point. This reminds us of a Tokyo drifting movie that swaps a straight six into a classic Mustang...It is a proven formula for success, so tell us what you think of this swap and stay with us for more overpowered luxury cars.

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