It all started back on January 12, 2015 when Ford first revealed the new GT model. Our friend Jerry Villagrana was on hand to capture the new American supercar firsthand. It wasn't until February 2, 2016 that we learned how exclusive the new Ford GT would be. Just a couple of months later in April 2016, Ford opened up applications for the new GT and the configurator as well. People around the world started sending in their applications. How many applications? Ford counted 6,506 applications, and we highlighted a few of our favorites. Right before Christmas, on December 16, 2016, the first 2017 GT rolled off of the production line. It wasn't until January 25, 2017, after the first GT rolled off the line, that Ford officially unveiled the power of the GT. Power of the GT was set at 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft. These power figures makes the GT Ford's fastest production vehicle, ever. Actual deliveries of the GT didn't starting happening a couple of months into 2017, which are highlighted below. Are we missing someone? Be sure to contact us!

Jack Roush's GT with Liquid Grey with Ingot Silver Stripes

Jack Roush's Ford GT Delivery

In-Depth Look at Jack Roush’s New Ford GT

Andy Frisella's Arancio Borealis Ford GT

Andy Frisella's Arancio Borealis Ford GT Delivery

Andy Frisella Reviews His Brand-New 2017 Ford GT

Jay Leno's Gloss Black GT with Red Stripes

Jay Leno's Ford GT Delivery

Dave Bannister's Riviera Blue 2017 Ford GT

Dave Bannister's Riviera Blue Ford GT Delivery