A fierce battle between McLaren and the world took place two decades ago. The biggest sports car races of the year had one common denominator: the McLaren F1 GTR. One of the most successful teams was Jacadi, who fielded chassis 07R as car # 50. As a tribute for their efforts, McLaren Special Operations decided to give this 675LT Spider's livery a modern interpretation. The 675LT is the modern equivalent of the Long Tail F1 GTR, so what you see here is 1 of 1. Starting with the most obvious, the stunning paint is Maritime Blue. In all honesty, it is an old Porsche blend that Jacardi chose to use for their cars. Just above the rocker panels, a white "50" decal harkens back to the race car. [soliloquy id="118648"] Dark Palladium makes for a perfect contrast color, and red brake calipers are also a blast from the past. Jacardi is based in Paris, so the colors of the French flag can be found on the mirrors and the steering wheel. Inside, the interior is two-tone carbon black leather with blue Alcantara inserts. White contrast stitching and red seatbelts will hold you safely as the 666 horsepower twin turbo V8 has you at 60 mph in under 3 seconds. The convertible hardtop disappears in seconds so you can enjoy the best attributes of a roadster or a coupe. The total cost for the unique upgrades is $112,000 in addition to the base price of $372,600. But McLaren Scottsdale is willing to negotiate to make sure this car finds a collection worthy of its significance. So check out the details in the link below and stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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