Congratulations to Extreme Turbo Systems for their achievement of having the world's fastest R35 Nissan GT-R. Just how fast did their 3,000 horsepower GT-R go? I'll put it into perspective, thanks to 1320video's description on the world record run. Previously, the fastest GT-R ran 255.2 mph in a standing mile. The ETS GT-R managed to run 255 mph in a half-mile. Yes, it went just as fast in half the distance. That is... incredible, almost unbelievable.

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1320video noted that the run took place in Colorado, making the altitude and less-dense air not a perfect fit for the turbochargers. However, it did make it easier for the car to cut through the air as it sprinted down the strip. He noted that the ETS team's goal was "pushing as much boost as they can out the turbochargers as fast as they can." Check out the world record run in the video below for yourself!