A quick look around Lamborghini's models will show you that they're not really fans of turbocharging and opt for power of the naturally aspirated kind. However, the upcoming Urus super SUV will feature a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. Yes, Lamborghini will be mass producing a turbocharged vehicle, which will be their second SUV after the LM002. Some be worried about the how quick or loud the Urus will be, but thankfully we have some spy footage of the SUV being tested at Nurburgring that will quell your suspicions. In the video, found below, we hear the Urus' engine being pushed quite hard around some easy corners. Sure, the engine may only be a V8 (when compared the Huracan's V10 and Aventador's V12), it still sounds fantastic. However, I'll hold my final reservations about the car until its fully revealed in the near future.