Fifty years ago, Bruce McLaren and his team built an amazing machine. The McLaren M6A was designed to dominate the Can-Am racing series. It used a fuel injected Chevy big block and aerodynamics way ahead of their time to keep everyone in the rear view. Most production cars and race cars had 4-speed transmissions up until the 1990's, but Bruce was an innovator. The M6A's 5-speed gearbox was built with close ratios to keep the big Chevy at maximum torque.

A Minute Of Noise To Remember Bruce McLaren

What did all those features add up to? The 1967 M6A only lost 1 race in the 1967 season. Other drivers probably had the same feeling a modern racer does when a used P1 shows up at the track. McLaren Automotive knows they owe it all to their founder, and that he would be happy watching his cars in action. So for the 50th Anniversary of winning the championship, Richard Meaden from Motorsport Magazine got behind the wheel.

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In a YouTube video uploaded last night, watch and listen to this piece of history as it laps Donington Park. If you want a similar experience, we suggest finding a nice pre-owned McLaren, and then remove all exhaust after the turbos. Flip the downpipes 180 degrees and aim them at the sky. The first person to install hater pipes on their McLaren is getting a free 1-year subscription to our magazine, 2 years if it's a 720S! Stay with us for all your McLaren news.

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