Only a few cars in history have been successful enough to inspire replica versions. The Porsche 356 was their first production model, and its influences can be seen on even the newest 911. Ferdinand Porsche Sr was famous for creating the VW Beetle and the Auto-Union race cars. His company was slated to be nationalized in France after the war, but he objected to it and was jailed for war crimes. His son, Ferry Porsche chose to build the prototype 356 in secret, offering them for sale to VW dealers as long as they paid upfront. The money went to get the old man out of jail, and the rest is history.


Because the floorpan and drivetrain were essentially shared with the Beetle, replica bodies are still popular due to the availability of affordable VW donor cars. Fiberglass only goes so far, and a replica won't win you any awards. That's why our dealers only have the best examples of the real thing. Mr. duPont allowed me a few minutes behind the wheel of his 356 Super 90, and it is an amazing machine. With a curb weight under 2,000 lbs, nothing modern is as nimble or as visceral. The coupes are only slightly heavier, and they have added strength from the roof panel. That is why you should consider this 1959 Porsche 356A for sale.
At almost 60 years old, the odometer shows only 66,854 miles. Backed by a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (#107729), it rolls on Dunlop tires with the optional Ponto-Stabil mirror on the driver's door. Ruby Red on the outside with beige leatherette interior, it is as investment-grade as you will find. The engine is #74336 with transmission #27852. Fusion luxury motors welcomes your trade and financing is available. Click on the link below for more information and stay with us for more classic Porsche 356 for sale.

1959 Porsche 356A For Sale