If you have grown tired of the looks and sounds of your Lamborghini, its time to unchoke the angry bull. Monaco has strict noise laws to preserve the peace for its wealthy residents. But that doesn't stop us crazy gearheads from enjoying aftermarket exhaust. Gumbal was on the street when a duo of Liberty Walk Lamborghinis arrived. Known for taking supercars to the next level, Liberty Walk exaggerates the original styling in order to fit wider rubber and also to capture the attention of everyone in a 5-mile radius. The LB Performance Aventador Roadster has a rear spoiler that could span the Mississippi, and it would make a Viper ACR ashamed on the track. In stock form, the new Huracan Spyder arrives with 245/30/20 tires up front and 305/30/20 on the rear. While they may be perfectly suited to stock power levels, more meat is needed when the dial is turned up. A free flowing exhaust is the best way to make power on a naturally aspirated engine. Vellano wheels are also a nice touch if you are in the market for monoblocks. Tell us which car sounds better and which one wins the beauty contest. Stay with us for all your Lamborghini footage and have a great weekend!