After Cars & Coffee this Saturday, we will be glued to coverage of the 85th running of LeMans. The brutal 24-hour race pushes drivers and machines to their limits, and last year it was dominated by the Porsche 919 Hybrid. It is either a logical evolution of the 918 Spyder, or else the Spyder evolved from racing, but that is a chicken vs egg story for another day. If you would like to get familiarized with the track before the race, LeMans Winner Marc Lieb will take you on a virtual lap of the track.

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If you are wondering why the car is relatively quiet inside, its because the 919 Hybrid uses a turbocharged V4 instead of a V8. Racing in the class known as LeMans Prototype (LMP), the cars have to be small and light so a V8 is out of the question. The four-cylinder is boosted to 500 horsepower for the rear wheels. That's not enough to win the race, so the turbos are also generators that power a 400 horsepower electric motor on the front end. A featherweight with 900 horsepower must be a blast to drive, so find 3D goggles and get ready for a wild ride. Stay with us for all your Porsche news and LeMans updates.