Imagine a German wagon. One that is coveted by enthusiasts around the world. It takes the best features of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and bestows them with a long roof and ample cargo room. Now, hand it over to the M Performance engineers for an infusion of new BMW M5 inspired carbon fiber and giant brakes. Do you want a beautiful and brutal wagon? We sure do, but there is one small problem. BMW does not offer the 5 Series Touring in the US. We can only speculate as to why we're denied and that's an article for another day.

Get Ready For It: The New BMW M8

Cadillac and Mercedes-AMG have had great success with powerful wagons, so BMW has called upon the M masters to sharpen the 5 Series. As a preview for loyal Bavarian buyers, House Bear uploaded a preview of the new M Performance pack on the 2018 wagon. Some of the finer details are a race-ready steering wheel with 12 o'clock easily visible. The forged 20" wheels barely cover the big rotors, and carbon fiber can be found almost anywhere. If you like it as much as we do, head to your nearest BMW dealer and demand the new 5 Series Touring. You never know, they might just surprise us at the last minute, so stay with us for all your BMW news.