One of the most impressive cars at last weekend's pump gas Invitational was a bright orange Dodge Viper. The paint (which is GM Code 70) looks best with a flag on the roof, but the stars and bars are no longer politically correct..So the team at Calvo Motorsports endowed their snake with the flag of the Republic of Texas. Waylon Jennings would be shocked at the speeds achieved on 93 octane, because "that's just a little bit more than the law will allow". As we saw yesterday, the key to making massive power on pump gas is cooling the intake. The team at 1320Video was at the Caddo Mills airfield to witness the event, so watch these hot cars make racing cool again. Air to water intercoolers are much more effective than traditional air to air examples, but they require plumbing the cooling circuit along with pumps and storage tanks. But the main ingredient is solid H2O. For the qualifying and shakedown runs, the Calvo team went through 560 lbs of ice. Each run requires 65 lbs to keep the engine from detonating. On the 93 octane tune, the 2,300 horsepower beast was limited to only 1,607 horsepower at the wheels. It may have a license plate and registration, but if your car needs four times as much ice as fuel, you might want to consider moving to colder latitudes.Congrats to Calvo for consistent times, and stay with us for more top speed action.