Seeing an Aston Martin supercar racing around a Formula 1 circuit isn't that outlandish. However, seeing two Aston Martins racing around a circuit with caravans attached most definitely is outlandish...and downright hilarious to watch. In order to get ready for the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix in July, Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen decided to have some fun with their practice laps. A Vanquish Volante was Ricciardo's car for the race, and a Vanquish S Volante was ready for Verstappen. Attached to the backs of these cars were caravans, and I can easily say I've never see an Aston Martin all.

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As the two take the corners, the caravans sway side to side, but manage to get back on two wheels by some miraculous force of nature. Eventually, after many laughs and close calls, the caravans fall apart in a glorious manner. Check out the antics in the video below and get ready for the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix.