if you are looking to field a new BMW for the 2018 season, BMW Motorsport has something for your consideration. The new M4 GT4 had a very successful debut at 24 Hours of Dubai, so after a few final touches, it is now officially for sale. Using lessons learned on the M6 GT3, the interior is driver-focused, and devoid of many distractions. Built in-house, the welded roll cage not only meets FIA standards, but also the strict DMSB (Germany's Motor Racing Board). [soliloquy id="117515"] Most of the body is carbon fiber, which is easily lifted by onboard air jacks. The hood and trunk are quick-release for speedy pit stops. A "motorsport" exhaust system is hopefully just a straight pipe from the turbos, because mufflers are useless weight. Suspension is based around Öhlins shocks with three spring rates available. Sadly the transmission is a 7-speed dual-clutch with shifts calibrated for the track. A locking differential has hardened output shafts, a feature many M owners would love to have on the street. A production engine is controlled by a new computer which has "power sticks". Each stick is set to produce a different horsepower level to meet different balance of performance rules.

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If your E46 has seen better days, the new M4 GTS can be yours for the equivalent of $190,000 (without the value added tax). Although it is not street legal, how many of you are already looking for an M4 Salvage Title? A new BMW M4 GTS for sale is as close as we will get, so check out the listings from our dealers and watch for the GT4 at the Nürburgring! &feature=youtu.be