Any true automotive enthusiast will have stories of the car that got them addicted. The first car that piqued your curiosity and became a goal in life. In my case, my formative years were spent with Corvettes, and being born in 1983 the C4 is burned into my mind. The irony is that Corvette took a year off in '83, the only hiatus in 65 years. Much like the rest of us, Chayanin Debhakam's fell in love with the Ferrari 308 as a child. An Italian exotic is a rarity on the streets of Bangkok, especially one restored to new condition. In the latest YouTube upload by Petrolicious, the owner explains his passion for the car along with highlights of the restoration. If you are not fluent in Thai, the closed caption button offers a handy translation. Also Check Out – Ferrari 308 Electric Prototype He set out with a specific model in mind. The Gran Turismo Berlinetta was Ferrari's first mid-mounted V8, and one of the last carbureted models to be produced. The later GTS versions had primitive fuel injection which is a nightmare of disco-era electronics. Carbureted cars have personalities, and a tuneup only requires a screwdriver. It was the first fiberglass body from Maranello, so each panel was fit by hand. He wrestled with the idea of tightening the panel gaps, but it would diminish the legacy of the assembly line workers. Thanks to the meticulous records Ferrari keeps on each model, he discovered the original color combination was yellow with black interior. So with the help of a few buddies, the car was completely disassembled for restoration. Contrary to what we see on TV, it takes more than a weekend to remove a few decades of wear, so we wish other owners would use this film as inspiration. We have several Ferrari 308 GTB for sale, and they are poised to skyrocket in value just like their Dino predecessors. Stay with us for more inspirational footage and don't blame us for your restoration bills

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