If a German motorist becomes stranded or needs assistance, ADAC (General German Automobile Club) is ready to respond. Similar to our AAA, it is an Auto Club with over 18 million members. They are equipped to be first responders, and also capable of repairs on-site. They also have a large fleet of rescue choppers stationed along the Autobahn in case of an accident. To keep German motorists safe, they also perform their own crash tests to ensure manufacturer's safety ratings. Testing a base model car is usually preferred due to cost and rarity. After all, the chassis and body are normally the same between the various versions. [soliloquy id="117441"] But, that is where Porsche is different. For the high performance 991 series RS, the chassis is reinforced in many areas. Extra welding along the seams and carbon fiber body panels will cause it to react differently than its Carrera cousins. So, ADAC decided that they would test the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, but would do so in a different. Instead of ramming a real-life version of the car, they used a scale model with some assembly required. The 2017 LEGO Technic GT3 RS retails for $299.95 and it has many scaled-down components from the production model. This version is the only GT3 RS available with a real manual transmission, as all the full-size cars have the PDK dual-clutch. With details like these, a crash test is a necessity to see how the production car would behave. Even pre-owned Porsche GT3 RS examples are going for record prices, so we're glad LEGO has made them affordable for all. We care about your safety, so stay with us for more crash test footage.