In a secure location somewhere near Austin, Texas, three automotive enthusiasts have launched a new concept in car storage. Petrol Lounge is home to some of the world's most coveted rides, and they pulled back the curtain for Daniel Hurlbert and his YouTube subscribers. It's not every day that you get to experience a Ferrari F40. The introduction has some of the best cinematography we've seen in awhile, and if you can figure out how he got the flyover shots please tell me. Headphones should be used because he plays with spatial awareness with 3D sound effects. If you prefer to skip to the action, the F40 is awakened at precisely 6:00. A Tesla Model S makes a few silent maneuvers at 9 minutes, followed by a few potent Pontiacs. Wagon lovers will drool at the E63 AMG at 9:30, followed by a GT40 replica at 11:40. The video showcases some of the rarer cars in the collection. Stay with us for more wild collections and helpful advice.

Ferrari For Sale Dallas, TX