At one of WannaGoFast events, high-performance cars from around the country met up in rural North Carolina. The NC 1/2 Mile Shootout was held at the Stanly County Airport on their 5,500 ft runway. Underground Racing has made a name for themselves by developing turbo kits for exotic cars. With kits ranging from 800 hp to over 1,750 hp, they will have you over 200 mph easily. One of their biggest fans is Gidi Chamdi, and he owns several examples of their builds.

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To see how his V10 Audi R8 compares to a Lamborghini Huracan, both cars have similar UGR twin-turbo kits and the same driver. If going through a quarter mile at 187 mph is not scary enough, the Audi reached 244.28 mph in only 2,640 feet. The boosted Huracan was one mph faster in the 1/4, but it reached a blistering 250.27 at the half. Differences between the two could be attributed to aerodynamics since these cars are very similar. From the factory, both engines are identical, and even the AWD systems use the same parts. Aside from exterior styling, the gears inside the transmission are the real determining factor.
Closer ratios = better acceleration
First and second gears are identical, but 3rd to 7th is more aggressive in the Huracan along with better differential ratios. Seventh gear in the Audi R8 is 0.65 with a 3.58 differential. Top gear in the Huracan is 0.84 with a 3.94 final drive. Without getting over technical, Audi prefers cruising at a lower rpm for a relaxing drive, and Lamborghini likes blasting through each gear to put the most available power to the ground. These small differences in mechanical advantage make all the difference at top speed, so congrats to Underground Racing for unleashing the true potential of both cars.