If you sold your Enzo for a nice profit, this post isn't for you. But if you missed the opportunity to purchase Ferrari's previous supercar, we have a treat for you. Investing in exotic cars can be hit or miss unless Ferrari is concerned. What began with the 288 GTO is an unstoppable force. Intentionally limiting the production numbers of the world's most desired automobiles is a surefire way to preserve the value of the brand. The LaFerrari will stand as the state of the art in hybrid hypercars for the foreseeable future. It was the first Ferrari halo car to be designed in-house, without influence from Pininfarina. It began as a series of ideas to address the weaker points of the Enzo-based FXX. Power comes from a 6.2-liter evolution of the same naturally aspirated V12, but that is where the similarities end. Ferrari's first hybrid model, it uses two electric motors rated at 120 KW to supplement the 789 horsepower V12. At your disposal will be 663 lb-ft of torque and 950 horsepower.
If the power and rarity don't entice you, look at auction results from Ferrari's other halo cars. Those who were savvy enough to store an Enzo away for a rainy day have reaped a windfall. We don't advocate gambling unless the game is rigged, and the LaFerrari is hotter than loaded dice. Playing in this realm has a high entry cost, but shared amongst a few Ferrari fans, it would be a nice way to make money in a few years. Do it for the environment. The LaFerrari is capable of electric cruising, and thanks to supplemental power from the batteries it produces less pollution than your car. Each one is also unique. Unlike the Enzo, the LaFerrari offered far more options than just exterior color. Dealers customized each example with carbon fiber inside and out, along with luggage and other bespoke content. The sports exhaust system is more expensive than a Corvette Stingray.
Listen up all you futures traders and doomsday preppers, your efforts are in vain. Join forces for the sake of Scuderia shields and strike while the iron is hot. One day, all cars will have this level of efficiency, but until then you shouldn't deprive yourself of the future. We are the only resource that has five examples to choose from, so tell us which one you would choose in the comments below.

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