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What is a Ferrari Certified Pre-Owned Car?

Want to know what a Ferrari Approved is? It's a certified pre-owned Ferrari certification program that the Italian sports car manufacturer created in order to give buyers peace of mind when it comes to buying a used vehicle that has been registered within the past 14 years.

How Does a Car Become Ferrari Certified Pre-Owned

In order for a car to be Ferrari Approved, it must pass a long list of checks, including a detailed inspection by Ferrari technicians, maintenance history verification, and more. The inspection that these used certified Ferraris undergo are very thorough and include 101 different checks. If the technicians find any defects, they will repair them only with original Ferrari spares. Once the car passes, a document is drafted up that will be presented to the new buyer showing proof of the inspection.

What You Get When Buying a Ferrari Certified Pre-Owned Car

When buying a Ferrari certified pre-owned car, buyers are not only ensured that the car their buying is in good condition, but also that they will be covered down the road through program benefits. Each Ferrari Approved car comes with a 12-month certified pre-owned warranty, as well as 12 months of roadside assistance. The warranty covers a myriad of defects, and each repair will be completed by Ferrari technicians using original spare parts. As for the roadside assistance program, this includes breakdown assistance in any location. Once the car is recovered, Ferrari will take care of travel, accommodation costs and transport to an official Ferrari dealership. During the time of repair, Ferrari will provide a replacement rental car.

What Ferraris Can be Certified Pre-Owned?

There are many cars that can be Ferrari Approved, even the latest Ferrari models. Whether it's the F430 or its successor, the 458 Italia, or even the new 488 GTB, as long as it had been registered within the past 14 years, it can be a part of the Ferrari CPO program.  

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