The Lucid Air electric car is being prepared for production, and that means the manufacturer is going to be putting the prototypes to the test. Lucid's Alpha Speed Car recently had its first test session at the TRC Ohio 7.5-mile oval test track and it put up massive numbers, which they expect. This test was a great way for the team to see how the car's power and aerodynamics would work in the real world, so they launched the car around the track until it hit a limited top speed of 217 mph. Yes, you read that correctly, 217 mph in this electric four-door sedan. Granted, this test car was designed as a high-performance test vehicle that has a roll-cage. Related - The Dendrobium is a Bizarre, 1,000 bhp Electric Hypercar What's next for this prototype? Lucid says that they'll collect all the data, put them into simulations, work on improving the car and test it at high speeds later this year. As for the production version of the Lucid Air, its battery is capable of producing 1,000 horsepower and 400 miles of range. Lucid announced that a 400 hp version will cost around $60,000, while the 1,000 hp version will cost more than $100,000. Will Tesla have to keep an eye out for a new Model S competitor? You bet.