A few weeks ago Lamborghini released a brilliant teaser video showcasing their latest achievement. The active aerodynamic system (ALA) on the Lamborghini Huracan Performante is a novel approach to controlling lift, drag, and downforce. New spoilers front and rear are computer controlled. We knew they were also programmed to help in cornering, but the details of the system were not made clear. Engineering Explained has gained a following by making sense of complex designs, so he decided to break it down for us. The front spoiler takes the place of a lower splash shield. It opens to relieve the high pressure that builds in front of the radiator and allow that air to enter the slipstream along the belly pan. This cuts downforce and drag for maximum speed. In the corners, you need as much downforce as possible, and the rear system is quite a treat. We guessed the rear spoiler would change its angle like every other supercar, but Lamborghini came up with something all new. Two air ducts in the rear wheel wells are routed through the spoiler's legs to force high-pressure air into the turbulence generated by the wing. While it's not strong enough to produce forward thrust, it greatly reduces the low-pressure bubble behind the car. Another trick is air vectoring, which Lamborghini claims enhanced traction when turning. Have a great weekend and stay with us for all your Lamborghini Huracan news!

Lamborghini's Brilliant Active Aerodynamics - Huracan Performante