While we are all saddened about the discontinuation of the Dodge Viper, we at least have this bit of exciting news to cheer us up. Josh Hway of Dynamic Photowerks recently joined a group of local Viper as they journeyed to Detroit to pick up their new Viper ACR Extremes. This delivery of six Viper ACR Extremes was, according to Hway, the largest group buy in the car's history, as well as the largest group factory delivery ever for the car. While the Dodge Viper price starts at around $87,896, the ACR Extreme has a base price that starts around $125,000. This means this entire delivery costed over $759,000, because when you take into account the special options (like that gorgeous purple), the price goes way up.

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"I was honored to go along with this wonderful group and to tour the factory where these track legends are made. After we arrived back in Minnesota, I had enough time to reflect on the experience and realized how much of a honor it was," said Hway on his blog post regarding the delivery. "It may seem silly to “non-car people” that we speak of cars with such romance, but knowing that the days are numbered for the Viper is incredibly sad. The people and effort that goes into making a car is monumental, let alone a high-performance sports car which over the years has broken dozens of records. On the track and the street, the echoes of the thundering V10 will be remembered for decades to come." Check out his photos below of the delivery and see just how memorable this experience truly was.

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