One of the most important things in drag racing, next to having a lot of power, is being able to keep your car on the ground. When you're going fast enough in a light car, air can catch underneath the car, allowing it to take flight. For Daniel Pharris, this unfortunately happened. Pharris was racing a twin-turbo Corvette that was pumping out around 4,000 horsepower at the Tulsa Raceway Park when it happened. During his run, the car's nose slowly crept up until the front wheels were taken off of the ground. Eventually, his entire car was in the air as it literally flew down the drag strip. Related - A Mid-Engine Corvette May Be Coming Eventually, the car landed back on the strip-- the crowd was lucky as it could have flown off of the track. After a few moments of panic, Pharris emerged from the car unscathed, but most certainly shaken. Urban Hillbilly Videos, who uploaded the video below, pointed out that if the front clip had not have peeled off during mid-flight, things could've been worse. Check out the Corvette's flight in the video below.