Dodge's Street and Racing Technology branch (SRT) stunned the world with the first factory trans-brake in the Demon. A feature inside the transmission allows the engine to rev in order to leave the starting line at full power. To trigger the tree and start the countdown, both cars need to enter the beams of the starting line. But once the countdown is started there is little time to spool up the turbos. However, 1320video picked up on something unique over the weekend that would solve this issue: they noticed a GT-R brake-boosting while also bumping forward to start the clock. The Alpha Nissan GT-R is AWD with a dual-clutch transmission so you might think it wouldn't be capable of multitasking. In the first race, watch as this mean machine take on a Lamborghini Gallardo at TX2K17. AMS Performance builds their Alpha models to retain AWD, which is hard to do at these power levels. The GT-R's drivetrain has two driveshafts, one connecting the engine to the rear-mounted transmission and the other runs from the trans to the front differential. Digging deep into the tuning of the transfer case, the main clutch packs are left open to build boost, but the car is still able to move forward. Related - What Makes the Nissan GT-R Perfect for Aftermarket Tuning Reading the video comments is often entertaining, and sure enough, there are many theories as to how this "bump mod" works. The results speak for themselves as the car launches at full boost. If you have any info on how they are doing this, please let us know in the comments below. Stay with us for all your GT-R updates.