There are plenty of spy movies out there where the main character drives are car filled with gadgets. Among those gadgets is more than likely something that will spray oil out of the back of the car in order to make the car chasing them spin out. While this may seem only possible in movies, it actually happens more often than you'd think, especially on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Green Hell Car Channel recently uploaded a video displaying just how dangerous oil spills can be at high speeds. In the video we see a BMW taking a corner quite fast, only to spin out on the exit and smash into a barrier. The uploader claims it to be an oil spill, but a commenter (320iSTWEdition) on the video notes that it could be a "hanging radiator" defect, which is apparently common on this model. They note: "The old radiators bend outwards in the lower row and one day it just blows open, spilling coolant all over the road right in front of the rear wheels.Wrong time and place and this can be the result.So if you own one of these, no matter which engine or body type, check the radiator at the bottom before it catches you out!"

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