The new Lamborghini Aventador S is fitted with the base original Aventador's V12 engine but sees its power increased to 740 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque. This power translates into a terrific drive, due in part to the rear wheel steering, a first for a Lamborghini production car. Those of us who don't have the cash to pick up an Aventador S right now may not be able to appreciate the car's drive, but there are other things we will get to experience regarding the supercar. First off is the car's sound, which is incredible when the throttle is open. Needless to say, you can experience the sound of the car's exhaust from miles away. The second thing we can all enjoy are the flames that the Aventador S spits out of its exhaust. Carfection has just uploaded a video that shows just how constant flames appear out of the car's exhaust at night. It's quite the treat to watch.

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