Ferrari unveiled the new LaFerrari Aperta just a few months ago back in September 2016, but it's now starting to make its way to the United States. In fact, the first example in the States was filmed in Redmond, Washington at an event call Exotics@RTC. In this video, we get to hear the Aperta truly come to life with some revs. There's also a blue LaFerrari that appears at the end of the video that's a real treat to see. Heck, that color may be my favorite finish on the hypercar that I've seen thus far. What you're hearing in this video is the LaFerrari Aperta's V12 engine and its 963 horsepower. This engine can rocket the Italian hypercar from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds and can get to 124 mph from a standstill in 7.1 seconds. This car is without a doubt the most extreme convertible that Ferrari has ever created.

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