I absolutely love it when cars come with secrets. Take the Tesla Model S and Model X, for example. In these models are a number of hidden easter eggs, like the songs that they can "dance" to or the ability to "navigate Mars." For the McLaren 720S, the engineers decided they would include their own little easter egg. When turning on the 720S supercar, you simply put your foot on the brake and push the start button. However, there is also another way you can start the engine, which Jalopnik detailed in their video (found below). This new McLaren easter egg allows drivers to start their car with a little extra 'umph.' To activate this secret startup exhaust easter egg, do the following when starting up a McLaren 720S:
  • Press the ignition button
  • Press the "Active" button on the dashboard
  • Switch the car to "Track Mode"
  • Press your foot on the brake and then push the ignition button
What you get when you do this is an extra "pop" that happens just after startup.